Gaffers Tape Standard Changes-Is This “Forever”?

55 yard roll of gaffers tape from thetapeworks.comWe have been selling gaffers tape for over twenty years, and the standard roll length has always been 60 yards.  Not anymore!

Effective today, we must begin shipping 55 yard rolls of this entertainment staple.  The decision by the company that converts both Pro Gaffer and Shurtape 665 gaffers tape, Pro Tapes and Specialties, has downsized the standard size roll rather than increase prices.

Pricing on the raw materials that are used to make gaffers tape have seen significant increases in the last year and this downsizing is a way to pass price increases on to end users without raising the roll cost.

We are shipping the new roll size as our stock of 60 yard rolls is depleted and today we have converted all our online gaffers tape sales at to 55 yard rolls for black, white and grey tape. Roll size on standard colors will change as we ship our remaining 60 yard stock.

Ironically, we have begun to see some downward movement in raw material prices just at the time that the roll downsizing has been put into place.

We have developed a web site,, where raw material prices like cotton and petroleum derivative adhesives can be tracked in real time, and we invite you take a look.

If raw material prices continue to trend down, we are hopeful that Pro Tapes and the manufacturers they represent will revisit the roll downsizing decision. is the internet’s top choice for gaffers tape,  batteries,  mic stands,  extension cords,  audio cables and lots of other “Satisfaction Guaranteed” audio visual and entertainment production products.

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