• The Arts Mean Business
    If your city had a new construction company move to town, this would be good news – more jobs, more economic activity, and more tax revenues to be collected. How about if your city received funding from your state to widen a road? Again, you would probably welcome this news with open arms. Now, think […]
  • Arts Support = Achievement of CSR Goals
    “Our Board often asks why we aren’t giving more money to education, but they never ask why we aren’t giving more to the arts.” This was the response from one corporate funder interviewed by the Animating Democracy program of Americans for the Arts for the report Corporate Social Responsibility & the Arts. Arts organizations face […]
  • Booz Allen Hamilton, Arts, and the Environment
    The following is an interview between Americans for the Arts Private Sector Initiatives Coordinator, Jordan Shue, and Booz Allen Hamilton Senior Partner Gary Rahl. Tell us a little bit about Booz Allen Hamilton and why the arts are so important to the company? Booz Allen recently celebrated its Centennial year. Our firm has a long […]
  • One-Time Mentoring Has a Big Impact
    Free Arts NYC provides underserved children and families in New York City with a unique combination of arts education and mentoring that helps them to develop self confidence and resiliency needed to realize their fullest potential. While most Free Arts programs provide long term mentoring opportunities, our Free Arts Days are one-time “pop up art […]
  • pARTnerships for Good: When Social Change, the Business World, and the Arts Unite
    Welcome to Americans for the Arts blog salon on Corporate Social Responsibility! This week, you’ll hear insights from corporate leaders who are using arts and culture as a tool to advance their corporate social responsibility goals—as well as for community and social good—and the artists, administrators, and cultural workers who partner with them to advance […]

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