• St(Art) Up Entrepreneurship
    Over the past several years in Atlanta, the startup entrepreneurial community has grown as many aspiring moguls have put their creative and technical capital to work to secure funds and buzz around their latest digital products. This energy has been fueled by Atlanta’s unique characteristics has a hub for transportation, education, and culture, not to […]
  • Chad Plunket on CASP and making an impact with Working Artist Studios
    Lubbock, Texas has a metropolitan area of about 300,000. Lubbock is also about a six-hour drive in any direction from the next major city. The isolation of Lubbock could be considered a disadvantage – limiting collaboration, diversity, and ideas. Graduates from the local university often leave the city seeking jobs and more money in bigger […]
  • Offering children a new lens to listen through
    I grew up attending family orchestral concerts with my mother, two childhood friends and their parents, and my piano teacher who, contrary to the stereotype, I was very fond of.  We would head over to the symphony hall every few months to experience the orchestra, and I was even encouraged to enjoy the experience more […]
  • Beyond the Stage: Preparing Conservatory Musicians for 21st Century Careers
    Five years ago, the Colburn School asked a fundamental question: How do we prepare conservatory students for careers in the 21st century? There were many suggestions put forward, but one idea kept rising to the top. Professional musicians entering the work field, the group agreed, must also be great teachers. “Regardless of career path, musicians […]
  • Designing Better Leaders through Cross-Sector Collaboration
    There’s absolutely nothing revolutionary about leadership development. All across the country (and the world) opportunities to enhance and develop one’s professional skills seem to be popping up in every corner. But when the Arts + Business Council of Greater Philadelphia (ABC) won a challenge grant from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, we […]
  • Artist Advocacy – An essential part of Arts Administration
    In December of 2013, the National Assembly of State Arts Agencies released a fact sheet about support for individual artists. They began the report with the following: “Artists form the foundation of a state’s creative environment. They act as creators and individual entrepreneurs who provide many of the products and designs that drive innovation and […]
  • Cards Against Humanity: Arts Management Expansion Pack
    Cards Against Humanity is marketed as a party game for horrible people. It is essentially a politically incorrect, dark humored game of mad libs. Gameplay with Cards Against Humanity is very simple. Each round someone asks a question from a black card and each player responds with his or her funniest white card. There are […]

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