• Arts Ed in Museum Spaces: Maine’s Own, the Farnsworth Art Museum
    The Farnsworth Art Museum is a small art museum in Rockland, ME – approximately 70 miles north of the state’s capital – that is really anything but small. Founded in 1948, the museum’s collection was designed specifically to celebrate “Maine’s role in American Art.” With this in mind, it is not at all surprising that […]
  • What’s Going on with Arts Ed in Chicago? (The 5 Things You Need To Know)
    In the Arts Education world, Chicago has been in the news a lot lately. To best understand what has gone on the past 2 or so years, we have compiled a concise list of events, news stories and reports to tell the tale for all of us non-Chicagoans. 1. Chicago’s Cultural Plan In February 2012, […]

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