• Looking Back: 7 effective arts and business pARTnerships this year for increasing brand recognition
    The era of relying on logos and catch phrases to cultivate strong brands is over. Our 21st century, tech-saturated lives require more from companies to capture our attention. The demand for more creative branding is growing. Consumers more and more respond to personal connections with businesses, which is why creating associations with ideas and feelings […]
  • Americans for the Arts Releases Its 2015-2017 Strategic Plan
    This month, Americans for the Arts releases its 2015-2017 strategic plan. For an organization that’s been around 55 years you might wonder, so what? The truth is, Americans for the Arts actually lives by its strategic plan, and this one, more than ever, focuses on our number one priority: building recognition for the transformative power […]
  • Freestyle Love Supreme Shows Some Love for Arts Education
    Freestyle Love Supreme. It sounds a bit like a funk band from the 70’s. It’s not. It’s an improv group that uses freestyle rap as its style. The group has been described as a mashup between the Wu-Tang Clan and Whose Line is it Anyway. They’re featured on a new reality show on Pivot TV, […]

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