• The Beauty of Change: Re-imagining Small Town America
    I am the Executive Director of Lanesboro Arts, a multidisciplinary arts organization founded in 1980. Lanesboro Arts fulfills its mission to serve as a regional catalyst for artistic excellence and educational development in providing diverse art experiences for people of all ages through visual art galleries, the performing arts, an artist residency program, public art, […]
  • But What About Quality?
    Scene: a regional workshop on arts engagement. A funder is speaking with conviction about the fact that her foundation is focusing their arts grantmaking strategy on engagement. Engaging new people. Engaging more diverse people. Engaging people actively in the arts. Any questions? One, from a museum director. The question that comes up every time, the […]
  • Ae$thetics and Social ¢hange
    When I was asked to write an entry for this blog salon, I was excited. When I noted the topic, aesthetics and social change, I was alarmed. In trying to analyze this instinctual sense of danger, I realized that the root of my feeling was my conflation of aesthetics with judgment. The term aesthetics, like […]
  • Re-Imagining Beauty, Embracing Complexity
    The question of aesthetics in socially engaged art is as fraught and enduring as our varied understandings of what constitutes critical discourse. In a society so fully enveloped by the market-driven logic of Late Capitalism it is nearly impossible to relate to any work of art in a non-transactional context. We are told we are […]
  • Seeing Power and Possibility in Socially Engaged Art
    There is a productive conflict at the root of any discussion about aesthetics and social practice that I would like to focus on. On one hand, attempting to articulate anything about the aesthetics of socially engaged art entails confronting a frustrating lack of structure. Anything can be art, and aesthetics can be so broadly defined […]
  • A Brute in America: Poetry and an Interrogation of Violence
    I’ve been in a bunch of fistfights. I fought many years into my adult life. After brawling, me and dudes in my crew would slip from the scene, hit a diner, order burgers or late-night breakfasts, then tell stories of what just went down. We recalled the damage. We reconstructed the fragments of how the […]
  • What is Beauty Without Justice?
    what is beauty without justice? a hollow shell. a shallow façade anxiously anticipating time’s decay exposing the space where it’s soul should be -me In defining aesthetics, beauty is often a central criterion. However, the concept of how beauty is determined is extremely flawed. So much of our understanding of what is beautiful is informed […]
  • Calling Out to the Old Radical Herbert Marcuse
    The definition of aesthetics drafted for 2014 ROOTS Week seems to have stood up usefully: “aesthetics are means by which art and art-making respond to and stimulate sensory and emotional experience, and how such sensory and emotional experiences contribute to meaning. Understood this way, we believe the term can be applied affirmatively and effectively to […]

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