• Dashboard Co-op’s Outreach Strategy
    Audience is something we think about every moment. How are viewers engaging with our exhibitions? How are they responding to the organization’s methods of outreach? Are they even showing up in the first place? From very early on, Dash has had a large outpouring of community support. My partner and I are both Atlanta natives […]
  • Being David in a Goliath World: Finding Your Place in the Marketing Noise
    The ancient story of David, a young man who defeated the giant Goliath using only a small stone and a slingshot, is an apt metaphor for the situation most (perhaps all?) arts organizations find themselves in these days. The marketing world has become entirely fragmented, with hundreds of different channels competing for the attention of […]
  • Engaging Audiences in the Mobile Moment
    Mobile device adoption and usage is a global phenomenon with over 4.5 billion mobile users worldwide. In the United States, smartphone adoption has exceeded standard cell phone ownership by nearly 2-to-1. We no longer use our phones to simply make calls and send text messages.  We use them to explore our world. Anything we experience […]
  • Don’t Dismiss Digital Experiences
    The average American adult spends 11 hours per day with electronic media. 58% of adults in the United States own a smartphone and 40% own a tablet. Cellphone adoption transcends race, location, and income level. 73% of adults use at least one social media channel. These facts help to establish a truism of life today. […]
  • The Cohort Club
    For Geva Theatre in Rochester, NY, I created an engagement group that has significantly impacted the way we interact with patrons and stakeholders, it’s called The Cohort Club. I started with four ideas: 1)   Education breeds excitement. 2)   People wanna see how the sausage is made. 3)   If you want people to come see your […]
  • Tapping back into lost audiences
    You know that question, “how do we build new audiences without losing current ones?” Here’s a thought exercise for you: what if you flipped it, reframed the question? What if you prioritized the audience you’ve already lost, rather than the audience you might lose? That’s right: you’ve already lost audiences. Point of fact: there’s a […]
  • Lean Strategies for Patron Engagement
    There are a lot of obstacles a person must overcome during any given day to engage in your art: traffic, finding a babysitter, transportation – the list can go on. Sometimes people are just plain tired. It is much easier to order up entertainment at home with on-demand options readily available through just a few […]
  • Let’s Redefine the “We” in “All the Places We’ll Go”
    After such an amazing experience last year in Portland, I am delighted to be returning with fellow dog & pony dc conspirator Rachel Grossman to Americans for the Arts’ National Arts Marketing Project Conference in Atlanta. This year’s conference theme of “all the places we’ll go” caught my eye for two reasons; first due to the […]
  • Countdown to our National Arts Marketing Project Conference 2014 is ON!
    We’ve already begun the countdown to the 2014 National Arts Marketing Project (NAMP) Conference! With just 6 weeks remaining, what better way to kick off a convening on the future of arts marketing than an online discussion with you and some of the best minds in the business (many of whom will also be speaking at […]

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