• Performing the Archive and Building Community In Real Time (Part II: Learnings)
    It was close to seven years after we launched when my colleague Jeremy M. Barker joined the effort, and I had the time to begin more clearly articulating how the site functioned as community archive and platform for discourse. Rather than recapitulate the entire narrative, I will share some insights from my experience: 1. […]
  • Setting the Stage for Future Change: A Response to Jamie Haft’s Blog Post
    Archiving community cultural development and the story of the arts through arts policy is important to the Arts Extension Service. We recently launched the National Arts Policy Archive and Library (NAPAAL) in partnership with the UMass Amherst Libraries’ Department of Special Collections and University Archives (SCUA) as a free-standing collection within SCUA’s Social Change Collection.  […]
  • Toolbox as Documentation
    The topic for this salon is big. I am going to write about one small part of it. I am interested in how we observe our processes, discern them as repeatable actions, develop them to become tools for others to borrow and make their own. I believe that we can harvest our histories, make sense […]
  • Performing the Archive and Building Community In Real Time (Part I: The Story)
    I have come to view human history as an epic tragedy of inadequate knowledge management. While I am dubious that we will ever finally solve the problem of knowledge lost across generations and cultures, much less the greater problem of recognizing wisdom when we see it, I’m hopeful that we can change our society’s perception […]
  • Lifelong Learning Brings Multiple Benefits to Participants and Providers
    “Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death.” -Albert Einstein Perhaps the most compelling support for learning at all ages comes from participants: “Many of us have been going to hear the BSO for DECADES! The classes of “Behind the Scenes at the BSO” fulfilled many of our dreams. Thank you so […]
  • Documenting Community-Based Arts and Funding Inequities
    The discourse, documentation, research, archiving, and communication about community cultural development are indeed vast and deep. Within this multilayered, diverse, and complex field of community-based art are artists and organizations that represent the diversity and complexity of communities and neighborhoods in the United States. The urgency for documentation, archiving, and communication are, at times, limited […]

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