• “The Holy Fool” as a Tool
    Is there too much humor in religion?  Can comic analysis of the last great taboo help save Humanity? Does this parade make me look old? I’d answer….no, maybe, and yes. I fell into the professional Fool business forty years ago, by accident. Too much education, seven years of college, and living in one of the […]
  • Changing Habits With Humor
    Typically, if I ask my 12-year old a question, I’ll get a short answer that I’ll need to probe with many more questions to get the information I need. If you’re a parent of an older child, you recognize that scenario. But when my daughter mentioned her math class was working on integers, I asked, […]
  • The Power of Humor
    Humor is a wonderful way to get ideas through to people. As a cartoonist, that is what I do. Sometimes the ideas are silly, but sometimes the ideas are difficult. Everyone loves cartoons; most people grew up with them and are drawn to them instinctively as if a child. Because of this, the cartoonist is […]
  • From the Seats of Power in Brisbane City Hall
    In the small town of Brisbane, California, just outside of San Francisco, I was invited to create a special art exhibit in honor of the opening of our new City Hall. This provided an important opportunity to welcome Brisbane citizens into City Hall, to engage the public in a dialog about social commitment and encourage […]

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