• Bridging the Gap Between Art and Business (from The pARTnership Movement)
    Successful collaborations between brands and artists are possible, once outdated preconceptions are overcome. The poetry of ancient Persia is full of bridges. In the works of Rumi and others, metaphors are the bridges of art, in the sense that they unite two seemingly irreconcilable things. They give people a route to make sense of an […]
  • Serving on the Arts Education Council at Americans for the Arts
    Arts Education, by the very nature of our work, is a hybrid profession.  As such, I’m sure many an arts education administrator or fundraiser can share tales of woe about having to explain to board members or funders how our work is both artistic and educational – a task which only a few people, in […]
  • A Degree in the Arts: Perspectives from Postgraduates
    I remember when I applied to the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University (NYU). My high school experience was not ideal, and I had always dreamed of pursuing something in the arts. Sophmore year of high school I tried out for the fall drama production, and there was no going back from there. I […]

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