• Thanks to all our Cultural Districts Blog Salon Writers this Week!
    What a great week of blogs in our first Blog Salon on Arts, Cultural and Entertainment districts. Thanks to our bloggers and all our commentators, followers on Twitter, and Facebook fans. As I read each of these blogs I was reminded of how the arts help improve and engage communities, and more specifically, how cultural […]
  • An Uncommon Cultural District in Downtown Shreveport, Louisiana
    Shreveport Common is a nine-block “Creative Community,” located in the Louisiana-designated 25-block Cultural District of Shreveport, where residents get Historic Tax sales tax credits for purchasing original art. Shreveport Common is distinguished as a Creative Placemaking project by artists at the helm of revitalizing this historically rich yet blighted community. Shreveport, Louisiana is the birthplace […]
  • Arts Administrator Wages: Reaction to the 2013 Salary Survey
    In reflecting upon the results of the Americans for the Arts salary survey three things arise for me.  The first is the issue of wages.  The second is the issue of demographics; both of which are immediately addressed in the Executive Summary for the piece. The third issue that derives from the first two is […]
  • Why Does a Community Need an Arts District?
    The threshold question for any use of public and private resources is “Why should we allocate these precious resources to create an arts district when there are so many needs in our community?” Indeed, an arts district may not be the priority when all of the needs of a community have been analyzed.  There are […]

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