• Artists of Change
    The types of cultural district that I like best are those that are the hardest to define. They’re not the type that is bolstered by a fine arts institution or even have organized events that you can rely upon for your evening and weekend pleasure.  I’ve always been drawn to the artist-made hot spots that […]
  • Teaching Championship
    A friend of mine recently graduated from one of Pennsylvania’s state universities with a bachelor’s degree in art education. When she walked across that stage to Pomp and Circumstance, she had proven that she had learned everything she needed to teach young minds all the skills they needed to create breathtaking works of art and to […]
  • Authenticity in Arts Districts
    We Americans are jaded. We have been to amusement parks that attempt to replicate Main Street. We know, or at least think we know, the genuine from the artificial. As we add the next level of development to our communities, mostly in our downtowns or retail districts, we need to keep in mind that each […]
  • Formal and Informal Districts
    Recently I attended the Americans for the Arts preconference on Cultural Districts. Many presented information on tools and incentives that can be used to establish districts, and it got me thinking more about the difference between informal and formal types of districts. In my work, I travel to a lot of communities assisting them with […]
  • What Does it Take to Create a Cultural District?
    People often ask me what it takes to create a cultural district. How hard is it to accomplish? How long does it take? Who should be involved? What do you need to know? As an urban planning consultant specializing in cultural development, I have been involved in a number of cultural district and art-related economic […]
  • A Diversity Problem in Arts Administration: The 2013 Salary Survey Reaction
    Artists and their art are as diverse as our communities, but arts administrators are not. After reviewing the Local Arts Agencies Salaries 2013 research report, one thing jumped out at me: The arts administration field has a diversity problem. It’s not shocking to me that the salaries of arts administrators are not commensurate with their […]
  • Art and Culture Districts Can Be the New Incubators of Innovation
    President Obama has said repeatedly that “We need to out-innovate, out-educate, and out-build the rest of the world.” According to Forbes Magazine, “If there was a central theme to the president’s remarks, it was innovation.” Yet, although everybody is talking about how innovation is what we need and will solve our jobless dilemma, few people […]
  • Welcome to the Cultural Districts Blog Salon
    I’m so excited to welcome you to our blog salon devoted solely to arts, entertainment, and cultural districts. Wondering what exactly we’re talking about? We loosely define a cultural district as: “…a well-recognized, labeled, mixed-use area of a city in which a high concentration of cultural facilities serves as the anchor of attraction and robust […]

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