• But How Do I Partner? A Primer in Arts and Business Partnerships (from the pARTnership Movement)
    You’ve done it. You’ve decided as a business or arts professional that you are fully ready to take the plunge and immerse yourself in The pARTnership Movement. Kudos—we welcome you into our pool of resources! (No splashing, please.) At the same time, you’re wondering, “But how do I pARTner…?” It’s ok. Don’t get overstressed like […]
  • Treading Art Team Suggests You Keep an Eye on Pittsburgh
    Pittsburgh has vastly changed from what once was known as the “smoky city,” covered in smoke and grit, to a city that is open, architecturally diverse, young, and thriving. Pittsburgh has become a leader in the technology, energy and medical fields which has attracted transplants from across the country to work in and live in […]

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