• Welcome to Youth Arts Month
    March 1 kicks off a month-long celebration of youth participation and learning in the arts. Many states, cities, and organizations have their own way of celebrating. Here is just a random sampling of ideas I’ve seen from around the web: 1. National Young Audiences Arts for Learning Week, March 24–30 2. March is Music In […]
  • But I Hate Asking for Money… (An EALS Post)
    Regardless of the organizations mission, values, programs, etc., what is the ONE common factor that is needed to execute an organization’s purpose? Money! As much as we dislike connecting our important work to the dollar, the simple fact is that without it, we cannot pay our staffs, purchase materials, and pay the electric bills…and thus […]
  • Six Ways to Help Your Brand Succeed
    Every organization needs a brand—it’s your core identity—the nucleus of the cell. Everything revolves and functions around it. But there’s more to it than just a design-savvy logo, and as arts marketers, we need to keep this in mind when thinking about branding. In the National Arts Marketing Project’s most recent e-book, Turn Branding OOPS […]

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