• Blog Salon Recap: So, Does Size Matter?
    As the newest staff member on the Animating Democracy team, reflecting on how our past has informed present work has been illuminating. By placing individual artists and organizations such as those that made up our original Animating Democracy Lab cohort into a national or field-wide context, we hope we have helped to magnify their impact […]
  • Collective Impact and the Wisdom of Slow Culture
    In the world of commerce scaling up has a long history. In the eighteenth and ninetieth centuries, mass production spawned the industrial revolution. In the twentieth century, scaling applied to retail businesses like fast food and electronics manifested as chain stores and franchising. The intention with these enterprises is to maximize profit by providing reliable […]
  • Eugene O’Neill’s Grant Writer Walks Into A Bar….
    …and spots the dramatist hunched over in a corner booth, scribbling in his notebook. He walks over to the playwright, drops the first draft of Long Day’s Journey Into Night on the table and says, “That’s great, Eugene—but how am I supposed to prove economic growth or improved health and well-being with this?” Obviously, this […]

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