• With Time to Spare
    As I work with talented administrators across the country, I hear one familiar refrain over and over: “I don’t have TIME to add one more thing to my calendar—whether that is advocacy work on behalf of arts education or fundraising or a myriad of other essential tasks that I know would make a difference to […]
  • Economies and Diseconomies of Scale in the Arts
    How does scale influence impact in the arts? In 2007, back when I was a fresh-faced grad student, I actually addressed this question head on in the eighth post ever published on Createquity. I argued pretty strongly that scale in the arts was a myth, or at least not salient to the same extent as […]
  • Scaling Up Participation: The Expansion of FIGMENT
    “It’s not about putting on a show for a limited number of people to look at, and moving it from place to place. We’re building communities in which an infinite number of people can participate.” ~ David Koren, founder and Executive Director, FIGMENT Project Inc. FIGMENT began as a 60-project and 2,600-participant interactive arts event […]
  • There is No Such Thing as ‘McArt’
    The topic of scalability, model projects, and replicability evokes the idea of franchising: perfect a process, carefully design the ingredients, control the actions of the people according to a script, create a unified brand, and BANG! you’ve done it again and it tastes the same. Thank Goodness. I want something familiar. Is art like that? […]
  • Idea Sharing and Project Scaling: Tools to Survive
    Does it ever feel like you are constantly having to start from scratch? New marketing campaigns—new collateral materials—new social media strategies—new community engagement ideas—the list could go on and on…How do we get off the hamster wheel? One way to reduce the repetitive efforts is by sharing and scaling ideas that can translate to multiple […]
  • No One Calls Himself a Hipster and Other Emerging Fallacies
    In a recent edition of Thomas Cott’s “You’ve Cott Mail,” readers encountered a series of blogs and articles exploring the utility—and, in one case, the aftermath—of embracing a term like “emerging” in its application to artists. It was earlier this year when Barry Hessenius, too, addressed in his blog the importance of identifying emerging leaders. […]
  • Welcome to the Argument in My Head
    I believe deeply that the best solutions are local. The work I admire most is deeply rooted in the community it serves. And it often takes years and years to know a community well enough to provide what it needs, to have the right network to make the work accessible to the people who want […]
  • Hope is Vital…But Is It Scalable?
    In 1991, I founded a theater-based civic dialogue program in Washington, DC called Hope Is Vital. It brought a group of local teens and a group of HIV+ men who were receiving services at a center called Health Care for the Homeless into meaningful, productive collaboration with each other. For 18 months, we created and […]
  • Creative Change: Grow with the Flow!
    In the arts & social justice world, a plan for expanding impact is more than good business, it’s our roadmap for changing the world. Infrastructure and funding for arts-for-change projects may be nascent, but as Jeff Chang and Brian Komar remind us in Culture Before Politics, creativity is the “most renewable, sustainable, and boundless of […]

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