• The Many Hat Hooks of an Arts Marketing Blog Salon
    As we entered the 2012 Arts Marketing Blog Salon, I said that we were taking cues from change agents, entrepreneurs, and business leaders. All true, but we were also visited by The Giftgiver, The Cowboy, and The Court Jester. More so than any label, I would say all our bloggers are Supreme Storytellers. That’s our […]
  • Arts Organizations and Community Management
    Last month I attended the first XOXO festival in Portland, OR. The event was intended to bring technologists and artists together to explore new ways of working that are possible on the internet. Most of the attendees work in the tech sector, but a few brave artists decided to attend. I, for one, am very […]
  • What’s Actually Keeping Your Audience Away?
    It’s that time of year. Promotions are popping up left and right offering audiences the opportunity to “Subscribe Now!” at deeply discounted rates. Our arts organizations are looking for audiences: new audiences, loyal audiences, committed audiences, and in some cases, any audiences. We believe in our art. We believe in our organizations. Surely all we […]
  • Direct Mail Still Works (Better Than You Think)
    In the digital age, many marketers are fond of pronouncing the death of direct mail. Yet the data is clear—the environment has changed, new techniques have emerged and smarter approaches to direct mail are getting superior results than in days gone by. Why? It comes down to increased trust, better targeting, and integration with online […]

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