• What Marketing-Development Collaboration Really Needs
    If so many arts leaders believe that marketing and development departments working together will generate better patronage results, why are so few organizations actually doing it? To be sure, there are ample tactical examples of successful cross-departmental collaboration on campaigns. And, a few industry leaders are engaging in organization-wide patron development: Arts Club Theatre Company and […]
  • Aim Higher
    The theme of the 2012 National Arts Marketing Project (NAMP) Conference is, Getting Down to Business. Here are the questions I want you to ponder: Exactly what “business” are we talking about? What’s the point of all this? Why do we invest incredible energy, time, and money into marketing the arts? What is the end […]
  • Is the Infographic Dead – Already?
    There is no question that infographics have tumbled into the world of marketing. Infographics serve as visual narratives that arrange patterns, relationships, or trends in a creative and visually appealing way. The ideal infographic organizes large amounts of data with art and design finesse, and in the end, a story materializes. And thanks to social […]
  • Monetizing Engagement: Taking Friends to the Bank?
    Everything we ever knew about the value of authentic engagement is louder, faster, and more challenging. My partner, Rory MacPherson, and I spend a lot of time interviewing arts organizations about their use of social media to seek out best practices and learn from field exemplars. What I come away with after hundreds of interviews […]
  • Moving Targets: Engaging Mobile Audiences
    Over the last few years, I have been paying an increasing amount of attention to mobile technology and its intersection with the arts. Many people in our field hold the philosophy that mobile is the future. I would argue that mobile is the present—it’s where things already are. There are currently 6 billion mobile subscribers […]
  • Digital Myths, Lies, and Three Steps to Recovery
    The biggest myth facing digital (and all the activities from social media, advertising, and marketing that fall under that title) is that it is still viewed as something that cannot fully track sales, being incorrectly lumped into the same categories as print, television, and radio. In reality, 100% all digital activities can be tracked down […]
  • We Share Awesome
    How do you keep your audiences coming back for more? World-class art? A triple-digit marketing budget? How about making friends with them and creating an awesome experience from the moment they enter your space to the second they exit? Scott Stratten, in last year’s NAMP Conference keynote speech, said, “We don’t share brochures. We don’t […]
  • Getting the Most Out of Gen Y
    For decades, the arts industry has chased new audiences, especially younger audiences. Today, that chase is directed at the largest population under 30 years old in human history. It’s little wonder that Gen Y (born 1981–2001) is a hot topic for arts marketers. As a data-informed member of Gen Y, here’s a take on my […]
  • Seal the Deal, Break the Barrier, Stop the Churn!
    As the 2012 National Arts Marketing Project (NAMP) Conference: Getting Down to Business quickly approaches, we are taking some cues from creative business leaders, entrepreneurs and change agents. And that is exactly how I would describe our keynote speakers – Rohit Bhargava, Eric Ryan, Nina Simon, and the musical collective cdza: What better way to […]

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