• The Arts Mean Business on the East End of Long Island (from The pARTnership Movement)
    Last week, we packed out a partially restored 1930s single-screen movie house in our town’s up-and-coming downtown area. How did we do it? Three simple words: Arts Mean Business. We, being East End Arts, a nonprofit community arts organization out in eastern Long Island, operating a School of the Arts, an art gallery, and presenting […]
  • Keeping the Arts in Public Schools
    It’s a favorite time of year for students, teachers, and parents as the weather finally cools, leaves begin changing, and pumpkins pop up on every corner. Oh, and students across the country make the daily trek back to school. For 16 lucky schools, those students and arts teachers can add a little more bounce to […]
  • We Should, We Could, We Must: A Mandate for Art in Higher Education
    I used to believe that my role, and that of my teaching colleagues, was to ensure that we gave to our art majors our full measure of knowledge, skills, and understanding. I like to think that we took every opportunity to sharpen their critical eyes and guide them to more enriched sensibilities as they aspired […]

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