• Common Core and Arts Education: The End of Our Blog Salon
    As we wrap up our Blog Salon for this week, I wanted to provide three types of summaries: First, here are two resources where you can find out more information about the Common Core: A list of Common Core resources from our website A list of Common Core resources on the Arts Education Partnership website […]
  • Common Core Standards: Let Arts Educators Lead the Way
    Though I’m typically standards-adverse (yet dutiful), I’m looking forward to the new Common Core State Standards (CCSS), specifically to their potential to de-isolate subject areas, including art. I feel the CCSS reflect the work progressive educators have been doing for years and frame that work elegantly. I believe art educators can be important change agents […]
  • Steal This Blog: 5 Ramblings on Arts and the Common Core Standards
    1. For those looking for the obligatory introductory substantiations for the arts in education, search Google and insert your own here: ___________. At the same time, you might want to search on research by Ellen Winner. 2. For those who need to read that the arts are a core subject, you just did. 3. For […]

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