• P.S. You’re Serving the Minority: How to Keep Up With the New Majority
    TweetAfter attending Salvador Acevedo’s session, The New Mainstream: How Changing Demographics Are Shifting Your Community, at our Annual Convention in San Antonio this past weekend I learned that there are already five minority majority states in the U.S., and they’re not little. California, Texas, New Mexico, District of Columbia, and Hawaii all currently have less […]
  • Guerilla Tactics, Local Authenticity, and Socially Engaged Artists
    TweetThe Public Art Network and the Emerging Leaders Preconferences converged for their combined closing plenary session: “Multiple Meanings: The Expanding Role of Leadership in Creating Place” with Jason Schupbach (National Endowment for the Arts [NEA] Director of Design) and artist John Bela of Rebar in San Antonio on June 8. The session sought first to […]
  • An Ode to Arts Educators
    TweetWhat a revelation!!  Every day I come to work here at Americans for the Arts and see the big picture of the arts in America and wonder are we making a difference? Are the arts really that important? And the other night, I think I  got my answer. I went to my son’s middle school’s […]
  • Bringing Advocacy Home from the Annual Convention
    TweetWhat I was really planning on doing at the conference this year was coming and learn what trusted friends and advisers are doing all across the country. We spend so much time being part of a small pool of people doing the work we do in our communities that this is a rare chance to […]
  • Emerging Leaders Preconference Keynote: Andy Benavides
    TweetTwenty-two years ago, just for fun Andy Benavides, executive director at SMART (Supporting Multiple Arts Resources Together), decided to create weekend programming in his neighborhood. By identifying an immediate need in his community, the humble beginning of bringing art to the people blossomed into an art education and community movement. Benavides dedicates his time to […]

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