• Convention Town Hall: Experts Tackle Important Issues in the Arts
    Tweet“Something big is going on in American cities. It is urban. It is real. It is transformative.” “It is a golden time for an urban renaissance.” Those are just short soundbites from former U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development and former Mayor of San Antonio Henry Cisneros during his introduction to our Town Hall […]
  • From Boots to Brushes
    TweetBeginning and sustaining work using the arts to serve veterans’ needs is an exercise in translation. While the need is great, it is also daunting to move into that space or grow existing programs to meet that need. The insights that emerged from the Boots to Brushes session at the Americans for the Arts Annual […]
  • Listening to Members to Develop Loyalty
    TweetYesterday at the Americans for the Arts Annual Convention in San Antonio, attendees engaged in a session that asked them to reconsider the classic membership model and theory behind membership and subscription programs. As we are circling around this concept of “the new normal,” we must begin to look at the fact that the changing […]
  • Hurry Up…and Wait: Trying to Keep a Lid on AEP IV
    TweetAs everyone who reads ARTSblog should know by now, the Arts & Economic Prosperity IV study (AEP IV) was released yesterday at the Americans for the Arts Annual Convention in San Antonio. With 182 participating communities and more than 150,000 audience-intercept surveys, this economic impact study of the arts is the largest and most comprehensive […]
  • Annual Convention Opening Keynote: Luis Ubiñas
    TweetFord Foundation President Luis Ubiñas started his opening keynote at our 2012 Annual Convention talking about about how he came to the arts. It was through free access in New York City. Having grown up with modest means, Ubiñas was only able to attend the finest cultural institutions that the city had to offer via free days. […]
  • Miami’s Marriage of Arts and Tourism (from the pARTnership Movement)
    TweetCultural Tourism is exploding here in a Miami—in a good way according to Bruce Turkel, CEO of TURKEL, a travel and tourism marketing firm in Miami. “It makes sense that when you have people coming from all around the world there are so many advantages,” says Turkel referring to the increase of cultural tourism here in […]
  • Your Personal Mission Statement: Who Are You? Why Are You Here?
    TweetEarlier today at the Emerging Leaders Preconference, Rosetta Thurman held the full attention of her audience as she walked them through an exercise to help participants develop their own personal mission statement. This paragraph, page, or even piece of  artwork reminds you who you are and helps you make decisions related to how you spend […]
  • “The New Normal” is a Reminder That Every Day is a New Day
    TweetWhen you hear the phrase, “the new normal,” do you ever stop and wonder what exactly that means? It certainly has become one of the most often-used phrases that we hear today. Everything has a “new normal.” However, there is something important in these three words. Important enough that it’s the theme for this year’s […]
  • The Curtain Rises on 2012 Annual Convention
    TweetAlthough some of our staff members were delayed due to weather on route to San Antonio, everyone made it from out our New York and D.C. offices yesterday in preparation for the beginning of our 2012 Americans for the Arts Annual Convention this morning. Today’s lineup includes the start of our preconferences—Public Art and Emerging […]

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