• Overcommitment: Taking the ‘I Shoulds’ Out of Your Life?
    Another school year draws to a close and I feel like I’m out of control spinning all over the boroughs of New York City from one commitment to the other with “You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)” playing in my head. Is anyone else out there spinning round like a record, baby? Okay, that […]
  • Choose Your Own Adventure: Innovate or Bust
    (Author’s Note: The ArtsFwd team invited me to respond to their NextGen Quick Poll because of my knowledge of the challenges and opportunities facing young leaders today gleaned in my role at Americans for the Arts.) Pretend you have two job offers in front of you (I know, we’re just pretending here, okay?!) Organization A […]
  • Saving Arts Education: “It builds a sense of community. I think it just makes well-rounded students”
    Upon hearing that the York City School District School Board in Pennsylvania was considering eliminating art, music, guidance counselors, and some sports to help balance the budget, arts education supporters rallied for the cause. They even had band members play outside of the meeting deciding their fate. This is exactly the type of simple advocacy […]
  • Artist as Citizen: Art at the Center of Revitalization and Placemaking
    With topics such as creative placemaking taking center stage in discussions around the arts, the question of how artists engage as citizens offers a dynamic opportunity for exploration. On April 24, 2012, Emerging Arts Professionals/San Francisco Bay Area (EAP) convened a panel in San Francisco at Intersection for the Arts around the topic of artistic […]

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