• Talking Points: Public Art and the Challenge of Evaluation
    The Challenge of Evaluation In the Fall/Winter 2011 issue of Public Art Review, Jack Becker writes, “There is a dearth of research efforts focusing on public art and its impact. The evidence is mostly anecdotal. Some attempts have focused specifically on economic impact, but this doesn’t tell the whole story, or even the most important […]
  • Public Art Evaluation: An Ongoing Process
    (Author’s Note: This post builds upon prior pieces by Dr. Elizabeth Morton and Angela Adams.) I enrolled in Dr. Morton’s Exploring Evaluation for Public Art studio as a way to complement my experience as a working artist-art educator with a limited sense of the planning and evaluation process for public art. Over the course of […]
  • Artists Evaluating Our Own Public Art
    Evaluation is a different issue for artists creating commissioned work than for administrators running a public art program. In my view, the administrator needs positive public feedback to politically (and financially) support the program. As artists we need feedback that help us become better artists. It is much easier to imagine an evaluation of a […]
  • Federal Departments Announce New Tourism Strategy
    On May 10, U.S. Secretary of Commerce John Bryson and the U.S. Secretary for the Interior Ken Salazar released the U.S. National Travel & Tourism Strategy as developed through the Task Force on Travel & Competitiveness. The task force had been set up through a Presidential Executive Order in January that called for a strategy […]
  • Public Art & Community Attachment
    Working in the field of public art automatically puts us in touch with the public, art, and its social context. In fact, public art may be one of a community’s most overlooked and underappreciated cultural assets; it’s accessible “on the street”, any time, free to all, without a ticket, and diverse in content. It can […]
  • Collaboration Improves Local Arts Agency’s Public Art Program
    Arlington County’s public art program benefited greatly from our collaborative effort with Virginia Tech and Americans for the Arts mentioned in Dr. Elizabeth Morton’s post from earlier this week. Like many programs across the country, we are adjusting to the new normal of increased scrutiny of public spending as it relates to the arts. We […]
  • Looking at the People Behind the Scenes for Numbers That Count
    Public art is a tough sell in a bad economy. When senior centers are closing and library hours have been cut back, convincing city leaders to spend money on art feels like an exercise in futility. Instead of focusing on how projects boost the economy after their completion or counting positive media reports, we’ve begun […]
  • Taking the Art World Approach: Evaluating Public Art as an Investment
    The idea of art as an investment is by no means a new concept. Art collectors jet set to major fairs in Hong Kong, Basel, and Sao Paulo hoping to secure their next big investment purchase; gallery owners and curators are constantly on the scout to discover the “next big artist”; and auction houses are […]

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