• The Subversive Tack: Arts + Education
    The realm of combining arts and education is vast. I do not intend to address this vast landscape in a modest 600 words. However, I will highlight two of my favorite approaches to arts + education in the Los Angeles area. Inner-City Arts (ICA) offers a variety of programs—school field trips, afterschool and weekend workshops, […]
  • The Arts as a Management Tool (from The pARTnership Movement)
    When we think about creativity, we need to think of it as something we do every day—like thinking. We cannot avoid thinking and creativity is the same. We cannot avoid being creative. So when we ask the question: How does the corporate world value creativity? (and vice versa), our focus should not be creativity but […]
  • Failure Creates Leaders
    So now that I have this rekindled positive outlook about leadership for the arts, what do I do with it? Well, to be honest, I think failure comes next. How’s that for positive thinking, huh? But honestly, failures are the best thing; they develop people by pushing them splat on their face, picking them up, […]
  • Changing Participation in the Arts: Leading by Example
    The changing face of cultural participation has been much discussed in recent years. This has been especially true since the publication of the National Endowment for the Arts’ most recent Survey of Public Participation in the Arts, which showed a decline in arts attendance for every category except musical plays. “Cultural Participation in a 2.0 […]
  • Rising to Community Leader through a Collaborative Lens
    For the past year, I have been captivated by the concept of how tomorrow’s arts leaders must also serve as community leaders. Hailing temporarily from Oregon, where I have been pursuing a master’s degree in arts management that focuses on community arts, the line between arts leader and community leader is one that is quickly […]
  • Arts Education: It’s About Providing Hope
    There’s a crisis underway in Oklahoma’s public schools. Even though House Bill 1017 requires art and music as core curriculum, these programs have disappeared from too many Oklahoma schools in communities both large and small. This is nothing new, but that fact alone ensures that any attempt to reinstate these programs faces increasingly tough challenges. […]
  • Albuquerque, The Best Place in the Universe
    Introductions are always difficult. Slightly awkward in person. Definitely daunting in writing. And yet that’s how we’ve been asked to begin our blogs for this amazing salon. So here we are…Hello! My short professional bio (click on my name above) is a nice clean paragraph and offers a basic overview, but here’s a bit more: […]
  • Unique Leaders, Common Characteristics: How We Work (Part Two)
    Actors like to make plays. I feel most comfortable and alive in rehearsal. All artists presumably feel this way, within their own genre. You see it in books—the artist as a mysterious neighbor locked away in his workshop for hours or living in an artist colony and never associating with the “outside world.” Perhaps this […]
  • Making Change Outside the Office
    In a recent article about Chicago-based artist Eric J. Garcia, whose politically charged work he calls a “weapon to strike at injustice”, he added a caveat for aspiring artists: “Oh-all of this is done on our off-time when we’re not at the day job that pays the bills.” His words came back to me when […]

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