• A True Arts Education Partnership
    In revisiting the Arts Education Blog Salon, I’ve found that one topic keeps popping up in conversation. Victoria Plettner-Saunders asked, “When is it a partnership and when is it something else?” That something else is often a collaboration—and although equally important, there are differences between “collaboration” and “partnership.” To celebrate Spring Break, I thought I’d […]
  • Kansas City Celebrates Artists at Work (from The pARTnership Movement)
    Spring is my favorite time of year because companies across Kansas City begin luring artists, writers, musicians, dancers, and filmmakers from their cubes for the sixth annual Art@Work corporate arts festival. When the program began in 2007, I believed Art@Work was about showcasing the arts in all of its various forms. I know now that […]
  • The #newbeans Road Show: East Coast Organizations Grapple with Artistic Impact Metrics
    In four days, I have spoken to over 500 people in Boston, New York, DC (which was Livestreamed), and Philadelphia about Counting New Beans and it has been an amazing set of conversations. Artistic directors, marketers, development people, funders, government representatives—everyone has engaged in a thoughtful and provocative conversation about impact assessment and it’s role […]
  • Our New Home for Animating Democracy: A 10-Minute Tour
    As the lead for developing Animating Democracy’s new website, I can tell you that it’s filled to the brim with incredible resources from our Arts and Social Change Mapping Initiative and Arts & Civic Engagement Impact Initiative as well as earlier publications, tools, and resources from the program’s first decade of contributions to the field. […]

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