• Local Arts Agencies & Chambers of Commerce: Natural Partners (from The pARTnership Movement)
    #1 Richmond has an enviable business community as evidenced by its being one of only 11 cities to be headquarters to more than five Fortune 500 companies and one of only 12 cities to have a Federal Reserve Bank. #2 Richmond’s arts/culture community is likewise enviable as evidenced by its emergence from the recession with […]
  • Happy Arts Education Month!
    We thought we’d celebrate the start of Arts Education Month (also known as Youth Art Month, Music in Our Schools Month, and Theatre in Our Schools Month) by bringing back our “Raisin Brahms” public service announcement from our last “The Arts. Ask for More.” campaign for an encore performance: (Brahms Breakfast :30 from Americans for […]
  • Making the Case for Arts and Business Partnerships
    There are many reasons that partnering with the arts advances business goals from recruiting and retaining a workforce, to rewarding employees, to building communities, and more. The pARTnership Movement has identified eight strong reasons for businesses to partner with the arts. While some of these reasons will resonate better than others, depending on the industry, […]
  • Google Doodle Celebrates Leap Day with Frogs & an Italian Composer
    Known for often celebrating the lives of historical figures and holidays, Google once again set out to honor this extra day of the year with a new Doodle (their homepage logo) marking the occasion and combining it with a celebration of Italian composer Gioachino Rossini. The Doodle makes the leap from February 29 to Rossini […]

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