Is Soldering Becoming a Lost Skill?

soldering iron-buyspeakercable.comNot too long ago, needing a mic cable meant making a mic cable. Pre-made cables were available, but were difficult to find and expensive to purchase.

Now almost every music store inventory includes sound equipment and the internet has an audio cable vendor on every “corner”.

Part of learning to be an audio technician (sound man) in the seventies and eighties was learning to make and repair your own cables. If you could’t solder, you just might not make it through the show.

Inexpensive imported cables have made it simpler to just throw the cable away and get a new one, rather than learn to make good, solid repairs.

Teaching yourself to solder was a challenge (lots of burned finger tips) and failing to do the job correctly meant that you were assured of having a cable failure at the most inopportune time.

I you are on the track of becoming an audio pro and want to add soldering to your skill set, here’s a good link to a “how to” video to get you started. is the internet’s top choice for gaffers tapebatteriesmic stands,extension cordsaudio cables and lots of other “Satisfaction Guaranteed” audio visual and entertainment production products.

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