introduces a new line of extension cords

For many years we sold a very useful multi-outlet extension cord made by a company called Electratrac.  Our customers loved it for applications like onstage wiring, trade show set up and tent lighting.  You got outlets spaced every five or ten feet, which made providing a power outlet exactly where it was needed a snap.

First Underwriters Laboratory got hold of the product, and once they were finished with “re-designing” it, a lot of its usefulness was engineered right out of the product.  Safer? Maybe.  Better?  No way!

Next, the product line was was sold to Black and Decker and their changes pretty much finished things off.  They reduced the number of outlets and increased the outlet spacing, and then, in a final blow, discontinued offering the cable series in black.  What all production techs really want is a bright yellow power cable running across the stage!electratrac multioutlet cable

After several years of  looking,  we have finally come up with great replacement.  It’s made by Century Wire and it has all the great features of the Electratrac product.  It has five outlets on ten foot centers (not four like the Black and Decker product), snap on outlet covers and an “easy to coil”  cable jacket.  As a great bonus, the outlets are lighted, so you can tell when the power is on.  Finally, not only is it available in black, but we offer it in white as well.

As to letting a third party bury the product’s usefulness in compromises, Century Wire has opted to not have this cable series certified by Underwriters Laboratories.  They have made what is clearly a safe and thoughtful product, and we applaud their decision to handle safety certification on their own.    We approve of  this effort and appeal to other cable manufacturers with great ideas and who manufacture to industry standards to not let Underwriters Labs force good products from the marketplace.

If  you have an application for an extension cord that can provide an outlet where you really need it,  you’ll love the Century Wire Multioutlet cable. is the internet’s top choice for gaffers tapebatteriesmic stands,extension cordsaudio cables and lots of other “Satisfaction Guaranteed” audio visual and entertainment production products.





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