Considering Drama School? You Need This Directory

The New 2012 College Theatre Directory from the publishers Dramatics Magazine is a “must read” if you are a high school student considering pursing an education in dramatic arts.

The latest edition of this directory lists every drama program in the country and provides lots of detail about costs, level of competitiveness and program strengths.  It also provides scholarship information and gives a student a good idea of  what sorts of grades and standardized test scores will probably be necessary for admission.

Application deadlines and interview scheduling information are also included, along with current contact information.

The directory is also filled with ads from the schools represented in the listings, so you can get an idea of how the school wants to present itself to prospective applicants.

The cost of the directory is $7.00 and can be ordered here.    Complimentary copies are made available to drama teachers and school libraries. is published by, a vendor of theatrical supplies that is a strong supporter arts education in high schools and colleges.

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