Kansas Arts Commission Falls Under Budget Axe

arts education at thetapeworks.comKansas Governor Sam Brownback, in defiance of the Kansas legislature, has eliminated The Kansas Arts Commission, using a line item veto.

We have long been a supporter of public funding of the arts, since it has been proved time and time again that fostering a strong arts community makes good business sense.  The arts creates jobs, drives tourism and plays a crucial role in secondary education.

One of the results of Brownback’s action will lead to Kansas losing $1.2 million in grants, including funding from the National Endowment for The Arts.

The Kansas Arts Commission has laid off  its employees and all of  its programs have been terminated, “effective immediately”.

We strongly disagree with the actions taken in Kansas and believe, over time that the real impact of this action will not be to help address the state’s $500 million budget shortfall, but rather that it will add to the problem.

Americans For The Arts estimates that arts programs generate over $15 million in tax revenues for Kansas.

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