Use Less Tape! That’s Right, You Heard Me

When the going price for a case of gaffers tape breaks the $300.00 mark, it is time to look for some tape saving strategies.  Gaffers tape is our most important product, but we came from a sales and distribution background and we know the pain of handling the cost of expendables.

Here are a few tips to make your gaffers tape budget go further.

Cable ramps and floor mats.

If you find yourself taping down the same cable run time and time again, you might be ready to invest in a more long-lived solution.  We don’t sell these items (yet!) but it is probably time we did.

Wire ties

Bundling cables together on a semi-permanent basis if they are always used together can decrease there “trip potential” and perhaps make taping unnecessary.

Microhphone multicables

A single microphone multicable can replace as many as 20 single cable runs, greatly decreasing the number of wires that need attention (and tape)

Velcro One Wrap Straps

Use a reusable cable wrap when bundling cables so that there will be nothing to discard when a cable is added or removed from the bundle.

Multi outlet extension cords

Using a power cable with outlets spaced along the cord mean that multiple areas on a stage,  set, or studio can be served by a single cable run.

Cable hangers

Instead of taping a cable across a doorway, install cable hangers above the door frame and run your cable over the door.

Install new electrical outlets

The most permanent solution of all may be to break down and install new electrical outlets exactly where you need them instead of taping down that same extension cord time and time again.

If you have any tips on how to use less tape, please share them with our readers. is the internet’s top choice for gaffers tapebatteriesmic stands,extension cordsaudio cables and lots of other “Satisfaction Guaranteed” audio visual and entertainment production products.



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