Is It Time For The 55 Yard Roll of Gaffers Tape?

We’ve been selling gaffers tape for a long time (25 years!) and have seen a lot of changes in the adhesive tape industry.  Unfortunately, the change we can always count on is a periodic price increase.  Usually about once a year (more often lately) major tape manufacturers point to the cost of raw materials (most tapes are cotton or petroleum based) and raise their prices.  We have never seen a price decrease.

roll of gaffers tape

The only price increase we ever saw that seemed to have some forethought and marketing skill attached to it was when the industry changed from a two inch standard width (imperial) to a standard width of 55 millimters (metric).  This marginal change in width allowed the tape converters to sell less tape for the same amount of money, in essence giving them a price increase that was invisible to most customers.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to shrink the roll width again without having a real impact on the usefulness of the product, so it may be time to shrink the roll length instead.

The standard  length for a roll of gaffers tape and duct tape has been 60 yards forever.   It is time for that to change.

As someone who has used these products for years, it has been my experience that before the last yard of tape is used, the roll disappears, gets “stolen” or ends up in the trash.  If the length of a tape roll was shrunk to 55 yards most users would not be impacted at all, and those who were aware of the change would feel minimal effect.  Shipping costs would be reduced (less freight weight), packaging costs and waste would be lessened (smaller boxes) and manufacturers could absorb the next price increase without passing it along to the customer.

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