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One of my least favorite jobs is painting.  It’s tedious and messy and something I will always put off  if  I can find an excuse.  We are renovating an office space at Harrison Bros. and the task of sprucing it up with a fresh coat of paint has fallen to me.

The real subject of this post is not painting, but rather masking tape.  I started the painting project a couple of weeks ago by masking the door frames and baseboards, and predictably, I then started putting off the painting and finally got back to it yesterday.  When I walked back into the room and saw all the blue masking tape lining the walls, I was ready to kick myself.

If you use masking tape, then you know if you leave it on for too long, then getting it off can be a real hassle.  Fortunately, I had used Pro Scenic painters grade masking tape, and it can up quickly and cleanly.  No little blue flecks of tape and no residue.

It will be great the next time I have a chance to talk to a customer about our masking tape.  There is no better salesman for a product than a satisfied user.

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